Rent an apartment in Batumi

Rent an apartment in Batumi

Rent an apartment in Batumi – Several years ago it was very difficult to rent an apartment in Batumi. Based on my experience. There was a lot of choices. But with real descriptions and photos few of them.

It took more than a week to find a place to live. Wasted time, energy and money that cannot be returned!

A month later, I noticed that many people faced with this problem. When I had to look for an apartment for my friend’s. As a result, I became convinced that renting an apartment is Batumi isnnot so easy as it seems!

Faced with this problem in 2019 I have analyzed and understood all the undercurrents in the selection of an apartment. I decided to found an agency.

Which was focused only on long-term lease in Batumi.

Since then, Agency Arendator Batumi.has been working successfully.

The goal was to provide tenants with complete information about apartments or any properties. With real photos of apartments and with detailed descriptions and a convenient search on the site.

After several months of hard work website Arendator Batumi was created.

The agency’s slogan was:

Renting an apartment in Batumi with us is easy, fast and free!

Since then, the agency has been successfully operating, the key to our success is the service we provide to our tenants.
Agency _ Arendator Batumi provides complete information on real estate in Batumi:

Real photos of the property taken by our agents;

Detailed description of the property;

Verification of documents;

We give tenants the opportunity to view the apartment online. If the tenants are not located in Batumi; If the tenants are not located in Batumi;

Tenants can, after receiving full information, make a deposit and book for the date of arrival. The maximum deposit period is ten days;

The agency organizes transfers from the airport and train station to Batumi for free;

We organize the display of apartments at a convenient time for tenants;

The terms of the lease agreement are discussed in detail;

A lease agreement is drawn up, which regulates the rights and obligations of the lessee and the lessor;

Renting an apartment in Batumi with us is easy, fast, reliable and free!
Our service is paid by the landlord

Today we have added the sale of private and commercial real estate.

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