Prices for renting apartments in Batumi

Prices for renting apartments in Batumi

Batumi is the center of western Georgia, also a resort town on the Black Sea coast. Prices for renting an apartment in Batumi are different. The cost of renting housing depends on the lease term and the time of year, they are divided into four types of rent:

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  • The most optimal price is considered to be a long-term rental (for a year) without increasing the price for the summer.
  • Rent a house in Batumi before the season. The season in Batumi begins in July and lasts until the end of September.
  • Renting an apartment in Batumi for a month or for several months will cost more than an annual rent or before the season.
  • Daily rent is considered the most expensive of the above, and in summer the price multiplies several times.

In summer, it is very difficult to rent an apartment in Batumi for a long-term lease, but if you rent it, you will have to overpay.

The most optimal long-term lease time is from October to Maya, with Maya landlords prepare for the season.

Also, the rental price is influenced by the location of the apartment, the condition, the area, what type of heating, the location of the rooms and the view.

Apartments in the old part of Batumi are more valued than in the city or in the previously new boulevard. The state of the apartment means the interior (design), a new apartment, whether the apartment was rented out for the arena or not, how worn out the apartment is. There are three types of heating: central, stationary (one heater for the whole apartment) and air conditioning (air conditioners with winter-summer function).

The layout of the apartment implies the arrangement of rooms, if there are windows in all rooms. In new houses, there is often a bedroom without a window, or there is a window, but it opens into another room. The view from the apartment also plays an important role in the pricing policy, two views – the sea and the mountains – are valued.

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