How do you pay for apartment to rent in Batumi?

How do you pay for apartment to rent in Batumi?

How do you pay for apartment to rent in Batumi? _ Long-term rental payment – two months payment in advance for the first and last month.  The last month is the guarantor of the period specified in the contract.
If the tenant moves out ahead of time, then the sum paid for the last month is not refundable.  The rent is paid in advance.  For long-term rentals, all utilities costs are paid by the tenant (electricity, gas, water, internet, television and elevator services). 

The average cost of utilities in Georgia is $ 50, and in the winter period, about $ 100 (two-three-room apartments).
In case of a short term lease, payment is made in full for the entire duration of the stay, plus a deposit, which is returned if there is no damage to the property in the apartment.
Agency “Arendator Batumi” recommends concluding a lease agreement in order to avoid unforeseen events.  The contract spells out the rights and obligations as a lessor as well the tenant that in the future regulates the relationship, and this is very important when renting a home.  The lease agreement is legally binding and governed by the legislation of Georgia.
The services of our agency for tenants is free.
Renting an apartment in Batumi with us is easy, simple and free!

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