Apartment Batumi –  real estate prices increase annually. In 2021 Forbes announced Batumi in top five cities in which is profitable to invest. Batumi is growing by leaps and bounds. Every day, thousands of tons of concrete are spent on the construction of new houses. The price of real estate in Batumi depends on: 1. Location 2. Old building (houses built more than 40 years ago), new building (houses built no more than 7-8 years old); 3. Views from the window 4. Conditions of apartment Apartment Batumi – the location in Batumi is divided into several parts: Old Batumi, New Batumi, First line, Second line and Third line.. Of the above locations, old Batumi and the First Line are considered the most expensive. New homes are also divided into elite status and comfort. The price of real estate depends on the view from the window, the sea view is 10-20% more expensive. Apartments in Batumi are sold in several types: