Batumi – Prices of real estate

Batumi – Prices of real estate

Batumi – Prices of real estate – In Batumi, real estate prices increase annually. In 2020 Forbes announced Batumi in top five cities in which is profitable to invest. Batumi is growing by leaps and bounds. Every day, thousands of tons of concrete are spent on the construction of new houses.
The price of real estate in Batumi depends on:

1. Location

2. Old building (houses built more than 40 years ago), new building (houses built no more than 7-8 years old);

3. Views from the window

4. Conditions of apartment

The location in Batumi is divided into several parts:

Old Batumi, New Batumi, First line, Second line and Third line..
Of the above locations, old Batumi and the First Line are considered the most expensive.
New homes are also divided into elite status and comfort.

The price of real estate depends on the view from the window, the sea view is 10-20% more expensive.
Apartments in Batumi are sold in several types:
Black frames (these are bare walls, no communications, no planning). Therefore, this type of real estate is considered the cheapest;
White frame (communications are carried out and walls are processed, doors and windows are installed);
Furnished apartments (renovated apartments with furniture and appliances), New or already used ones.

Real estate prices in 2022

Prices for elite real estate for 1m2 of a black frame are from 1500 to 2500 dollars (with the exception of Batumi Hilton, the price for 1m2 starts from 3500 dollars).
Comfort class real estate for 1m2 of black frame from 600 to 1200 dollars.
On the third lines, you can buy for 1m2 чof a black frame from $ 420 and more, it is considered an economy option.
Buying already furnished apartment with furniture and appliances on average starts at $ 900 per 1m2 of comfort class.

Land in the center of Batumi on average per square meter is $ 1,500 per 1m2.

In the suburbs of Batumi, the price of a land plot starts from $ 50 per 1m2 and more, it depends on the category of land: Agricultural and non-Agricultural.

Agricultural land is not sold in Georgia to foreigners.

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